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Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Stores in Jacksonville NC

There is no dearth of furniture stores in Jacksonville NC, but if you are looking for the best buy in town, then you must come to Atlantic Bedding and Furniture. At our store, you will not only find what you are looking for, but will also find that it is of top-notch quality and at dead cheap prices. We are proud to say that our selection is extremely wide and that we are always well-stocked so that you never leave our shop disheartened at not finding what you badly needed. So great is our selection at Atlantic Bedding that we literally stock A-Z furniture items that come not only from our own private label but also from some other extremely reputed brands like Powell, Vintage Verandah and Simmons to name a few. Our collection of furniture Jacksonville NC ranges from complete room sets and large furniture pieces to even the smallest detail of home décor like lamps, art works, accent pieces and mirrors. Our X-tra soft mattresses, Z-bedroom sets and youth furniture are a rage with customers as are the ottomans, dinettes and buffets. With these amazingly wide varieties of furniture items, almost every day at the store seems like it is furniture fair Jacksonville NC- an opportunity you certainly must cash in on! As compared to most other furniture stores in Jacksonville NC, you will find that our customer service is the most gracious and prompt. No customer need is ever left unfulfilled by our salespersons who are always looking to satisfy you. If we place such importance on our customers it is because it is they who in effect run our business through word-of-mouth publicity. Even our prices are the best in town. If you are looking for discounted or cheap furniture, without doubt you should be making a beeline to us, for such a high quality vs. low price bargain you will not get elsewhere. Since we include delivery charges in the retail prices, you need not fret about added costs to your purchase. Neither do you have to worry that what you want we may not have for we are always stocked to the brim. From classic to contemporary, varying palettes to patterns, there is nothing that we have left in between as far as the assortment of furniture in Jacksonville NC is concerned. If you have a furniture requirement, just schedule a visit with us anytime or browse online today and make your money seem like a wise expenditure.